● Lightweight steel sheet pile press-in method
Product ImageLight weight steel sheet pile (trench) type III is press-fitted and pulled out.
●Press-in method for hard ground (crash piler method)
Product Image●The hole is drilled with an auger that supports hard ground, and the steel sheet pile is press-fitted.
●Silent piler method
Product Image●Press-fit and pull-out work is performed from steel sheet pile type II to type W with a silent piler.
●AVOLON method
Product Image●We perform various placing work of H steel main pile. In addition to H-beam main piles, we will also pull out existing piles.
●ANGUIRUS method
Product Image●It is useful in places where 2t pillar cars cannot reach or have no power. A leaderless Anguirus construction method that can handle narrow areas that cannot be accommodated by Avolon.
●Existing pile extraction method
Product ImageIs it necessary to pull out the piles that were driven when the building was demolished? I don't know.
We also drive stakes, but of course we also pull out.
●2t building pillar H steel pile driving work.
Product Image●Various punching works for H-steel piles are performed from 50 kg rail rotary press-fitting.
●H steel pile drawing method
Product Image●Pull out H-steel piles and steel sheet piles with multiple pulleys. It can be supported by a mini multi-pulley that can be installed on a 12t crane and a multi-pulley on a 25t crane.
Mini multi-pulley
Product ImageA mini multi-pulley that is useful when there is a narrow carry-in path where a 25t rafter cannot enter or when the site is narrow. It's a usable machine!
●Vibration hammer method
Product Image●Vibratio hammer construction that can handle from electric to hydraulic high frequency. We can handle both rafters and crawlers.
Product Image軟弱地盤地域や重要構造物に近接した箇所において、土留め引抜き時に周辺地盤に大きな影響が発生し、建物補償など事業損失に悩む発注者の方も多いようです。そのため土留め材をそのまま残置していました。本工法は、鋼矢板(シートパイル)、H鋼等を引抜くと発生する地中の抜き跡や緩みを引抜くと同時に充填します。周辺地盤等の沈下の悪影響を高度に抑制し、安心して土留め材の引抜きが可能です。