Finally demolished?
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There used to be an amusement park called Yokohama Dreamland near our company. It has been 11 years since the park closed in 1995. The site was reborn as the Yokohama Pharmaceutical University, but it is a building like the Unju Tower in the amusement park. In the past, it was an accommodation facility where people who came to the amusement park called Hotel Empire stayed. Is it a library after being reborn as a university? It seems that it is used for classrooms and lectures, but it is old anyway. It seems that it was renovated before becoming a university, but more than 17 years have passed since then. It seems that they have been doing renovation work since last year, but it seems that it will be difficult to build scaffolding and balusts because of the height of the rabbit. It seems that the dismantling of the scaffolding has finally started from the other day. It's scary to watch, so I hope it ends without an accident.