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I went to TORINOICHI again this year. It is difficult to explain TORINOICHI to non-Japanese people. Is it a carnival for foreigners? What?
It is said that TORINOICHI at shrines began during the Edo period at Ohtori Shrine (Washi Daimyojin) in Hanamata Village, Hanamata Village (present-day Adachi Ward, Tokyo) near Edo.
It is said that the festival began when neighboring farmers celebrated the autumn harvest by dedicating chickens. This festival used to be called the Tori-Tori Festival Town, but when markets (stalls) started to be set up, it became the "TORINOICHI". Agricultural tools and crops were sold at the market, but at some point, rakes, which were considered good luck charms, started to be sold. Currently, it is a festival held in November to pray for business prosperity. Let's do our best to increase both sales and profits next year compared to this year! SHINBOKU Industry!